Comfy Sunday AM

I love sunday morning where you can just relax on the couch, sip a good cup of coffee and plan your day. So I didn’t get to accomplish all of that, since I started laundry at 8AM but I still am enjoying my coffee and Amish market bacon (with some eggs). It’s almost motivating me to get up this early every morning (well not the same time, but earlier on work days) so I can enjoy the quiet time with my coffee and a hot breakfast. Sadly I know better and that just won’t happen!

We also had an interesting weather result in the last 24 hours! It was quite cold, and we even had snow . . . of course there was nothing that stuck to the ground in my area, but just an hour west had lots of snow!

I also was given a cute flower vase yesterday by a dear friend and it’s so pretty . . . see!


Now to get back to the laundry and planning all my stops today before an afternoon of football!


Friday fun day!

A quick update about loving having sunny Fridays off! I spent yesterday running errands but in cloudy icky weather, and today the sun is shining and making me happy. Plus I am finally getting my car detailed and I am having lunch with a dear friend.

Of course excitement has set in as well since the new job starts on Monday. I have my first day of meetings and I am excited to learn all about the new company.

I am also excited to do some shopping for new stuff! I need some new shoes and new brown pants. It’s not easy finding pants, I really don’t like the new styles and since I am short it’s always hard to tell what they look like once I get them hemmed. So the search continues for new pants!

Have a great weekend everyone!

are you doing anything fun?

Gearing up to walk

Yes I know it’s only 3 miles, but it’s for a good cause and it’s going to be an emotional 3 miles. This year instead of walking to honor my grandmother, I am walking in memory of her! She passed away in March from Alzheimer’s and I am walking not only in her memory but for all those in my family that have suffered because of this horrible disease.

It’s one that is so hard for both the individual and the family. It’s a disease that touches so many of us every day. I am sure you have seen a silver alert for those missing because they went for a walk and never came back. They just couldn’t quite remember that day where they live or thought it was a place they lived in 50-60 years ago.

I walk to support myself in a way because I am hoping before I get old enough to experience the possible affects of this disease that we have found a cure.

So support me as I walk, even just $10 helps! Thanks in advance.

Finally..some news to share!

Ok so I finally bought the orange shirt I was looking for! I got it from Dress Barn.

Ok that’s not the real news! The real news is I have a new job, or more specifically I will have a new job shortly. I am leaving my current organization for a shorter commute, some travel, and a new type of industry. As you know I am currently a Learning Manager at my current organization and I will now be an Organizational Development Manager. I will be able to focus more on my passion of leadership development, learning (mostly delivering), and talent management. The new company has locations in 13 different states so I just may be at a state near you shortly.

Now why is the orange shirt a big deal? Because I bought a great new suit jacket but it would look best with an orange shirt and I didn’t have a good one to wear on my first day of work.

In other news I have been super busy with personal stuff to post and nothing (besides the job) has been all that exciting!

So what’s been new with you?