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Concert Review: Phil Vassar

One of country’s less know acts ALWAYS puts on a great show and gives me a smile! Because he plays the smaller venues (like Ram’s Head Live in Annapolis) I get pictures like this:

Yes you are looking at that photo correctly! I am that close, yes he could hear me and in fact did. Phil just released a new live album of some of his greatest hits that was recorded live in Nashville, on Broadway, on New Year’s Eve 2011. And yes I was there (ok sort of since I didn’t actually stand outside for the concert, it was raining in January!) so when he mentioned it I reminded him it rained that night. He was like “yes, it did! Glad you were there.”

Back to the Annapolis show . . . it was a great performance as usual. Phil sang many of his greatest hits, and some that he wrote for others like My Next 30 Years, Tim McGraw. Sadly the concerts are always too short, he played this time for about 1.5 hours, but I could listen to him all night. Good thing I have another Phil concert planned in a few months. As he ended the show I will admit I was a little disappointed because there he didn’t end with the usual, Billy Joel’s Piano man. You may ask why would he do that, well he’s country music’s piano man. He’s one of the few that play most of his concert from the piano. Here’s a preview of what I have heard from the MANY other Phil concerts I have attended.

Overall I rate the concert 3.5 out of 5 stars. And yes I am a concert snob with high expectations!

What’s the last concert you attended?


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