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Finally..some news to share!

Ok so I finally bought the orange shirt I was looking for! I got it from Dress Barn.

Ok that’s not the real news! The real news is I have a new job, or more specifically I will have a new job shortly. I am leaving my current organization for a shorter commute, some travel, and a new type of industry. As you know I am currently a Learning Manager at my current organization and I will now be an Organizational Development Manager. I will be able to focus more on my passion of leadership development, learning (mostly delivering), and talent management. The new company has locations in 13 different states so I just may be at a state near you shortly.

Now why is the orange shirt a big deal? Because I bought a great new suit jacket but it would look best with an orange shirt and I didn’t have a good one to wear on my first day of work.

In other news I have been super busy with personal stuff to post and nothing (besides the job) has been all that exciting!

So what’s been new with you?



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