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Comfy Sunday AM

I love sunday morning where you can just relax on the couch, sip a good cup of coffee and plan your day. So I didn’t get to accomplish all of that, since I started laundry at 8AM but I still am enjoying my coffee and Amish market bacon (with some eggs). It’s almost motivating me to get up this early every morning (well not the same time, but earlier on work days) so I can enjoy the quiet time with my coffee and a hot breakfast. Sadly I know better and that just won’t happen!

We also had an interesting weather result in the last 24 hours! It was quite cold, and we even had snow . . . of course there was nothing that stuck to the ground in my area, but just an hour west had lots of snow!

I also was given a cute flower vase yesterday by a dear friend and it’s so pretty . . . see!


Now to get back to the laundry and planning all my stops today before an afternoon of football!



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