Black Friday new tradition

So with everyone headed to Black Friday specials I looked and looked for the best deal. I saw a bunch of things that I could get, but I didn’t really NEED any of it!! So in a rare occasion I decided to sleep and then go to the gym in the morning. I went to a new curves, since the usual one I go to when I am in NY was closed today, and I was a bit jealous! They do a lot of classes at the curves to change things up. I enjoyed my workout, but no classes were available today. I stopped at a drive through dunkin donuts on the way home (why can’t they all be a drive through?).  I came home and just relaxed around the house for most of the day.

I did venture out for about an hour around 3PM. I did buy a few things, and they were 50% off so I guess that’s a good deal. Overall it was a quite Black Friday. I realized with no kids to buy for (hopefully next year will be different) and not a whole lot of family or friends to buy for. Do you want a gift? Let me know?

I hope you had a successful shopping day! What did I miss?


Busy like a bee

Or at least that’s what people say! I have felt like recently I haven’t had much time where I am not doing something, and yet I am sure if you asked me what I actually accomplished I don’t know how much I could say I have done.

This week I went to the Chocolate Spa at the Hershey Hotel. I LOVE that place. It is amazingly relaxing, you walk in and feel transformed. I had a chocolate sugar scrub, massage and facial. It’s been very long time since I had a facial, but it was so nice. Speaking of nice we have been super lucky in the MD area with the warm weather. I actually sat outside yesterday for a little while drinking some delicious ice-tea. I have also managed to shop a bit this weekend and bought some necessary new clothes to go with the new job!

This morning I was trying to get motivated early, but since I stayed up too late that didn’t happen. So instead I ate maple bacon from the Amish market, which is the perfect amount of sweet and salty. I haven’t had that flavor before. I paid it with an apple cinnamon muffin, also from the Amish market and some pumpkin spice coffee. I have fallen in love with flavored coffee and find it hard to drink anything else at home.

What are you enjoying this weekend?

New job: Great first week!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I was leaving my old organization and starting a new job. Well Monday (oct. 31) was my first day, yes on Halloween! Thankfully no tricks were played on me for my first day. It has been quite the crazy busy week. I spent most of my time in meetings, however I already got my first trip underway. My new position will require me to travel on occasion, but who knew so quickly. I have also had the opportunity to learn a lot of the business side, and not just the HR or Learning world, which is very refreshing. The Organizational Development team is really seen as instrumental in all things for this organization on both the people side and the business side. I am also excited because our President’s meeting is in town next week so I will have an opportunity to meet the President of the company (on week 2)!

It’s great to be learning so many new things and seeing how other organizations value their people!