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Busy like a bee

Or at least that’s what people say! I have felt like recently I haven’t had much time where I am not doing something, and yet I am sure if you asked me what I actually accomplished I don’t know how much I could say I have done.

This week I went to the Chocolate Spa at the Hershey Hotel. I LOVE that place. It is amazingly relaxing, you walk in and feel transformed. I had a chocolate sugar scrub, massage and facial. It’s been very long time since I had a facial, but it was so nice. Speaking of nice we have been super lucky in the MD area with the warm weather. I actually sat outside yesterday for a little while drinking some delicious ice-tea. I have also managed to shop a bit this weekend and bought some necessary new clothes to go with the new job!

This morning I was trying to get motivated early, but since I stayed up too late that didn’t happen. So instead I ate maple bacon from the Amish market, which is the perfect amount of sweet and salty. I haven’t had that flavor before. I paid it with an apple cinnamon muffin, also from the Amish market and some pumpkin spice coffee. I have fallen in love with flavored coffee and find it hard to drink anything else at home.

What are you enjoying this weekend?



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