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Black Friday new tradition

So with everyone headed to Black Friday specials I looked and looked for the best deal. I saw a bunch of things that I could get, but I didn’t really NEED any of it!! So in a rare occasion I decided to sleep and then go to the gym in the morning. I went to a new curves, since the usual one I go to when I am in NY was closed today, and I was a bit jealous! They do a lot of classes at the curves to change things up. I enjoyed my workout, but no classes were available today. I stopped at a drive through dunkin donuts on the way home (why can’t they all be a drive through?).  I came home and just relaxed around the house for most of the day.

I did venture out for about an hour around 3PM. I did buy a few things, and they were 50% off so I guess that’s a good deal. Overall it was a quite Black Friday. I realized with no kids to buy for (hopefully next year will be different) and not a whole lot of family or friends to buy for. Do you want a gift? Let me know?

I hope you had a successful shopping day! What did I miss?


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