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Quiet days

Well not really quiet but nothing really out of the ordinary to excite you my readers on what has been going on lately. I have been doing the work thing and spending time with friends. The holidays are quickly approaching yet I can’t seem to get in the holiday shopping mode. I am currently listening to Christmas music with the hope of it sparking some interest in me. Yet I don’t really have much! I have also thought about decorating the house, but since i am not actually here for Christmas it seems like a bit of a waste. Plus I don’t really have any good surfaces to put holiday items. And I don’t feel like putting up a tree for the cats to knock down!

Yes I guess you can say I am in a bah humbug mood this year. I miss the traditions of Christmas from the past and every year they move further away from what I remember as a child and the love I felt for the holiday season back then. Also without my own family (ya know the husband and kids) it makes it hard to start my own traditions for the holiday season.

I wish all of you a Happy Holiday Season!



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