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sick around the holidays

So yes it’s true I was sick for nearly 2 weeks! And yes i am annoyed it happened right before the holidays (although I guess better before than during). It has been slightly annoying because I was trying to do too much in a short period of time, and yet I still don’t feel like there is enough time. I know we all stress about the holidays, but yet I wish we could enjoy the holiday. I think of how the 4th of July is awesome, it’s totally a non-stress holiday. You cook out, you hopefully have nice weather, and you watch fireworks . . . what could be better?

So as I finish preparations since we are about 7 days out I have gifts left to buy, cards left to create/send, gifts to wrap, treats to make and oh yes I work full time!! Plus birthdays to celebrate, events to attend and friends to wish well.

Are you ready for the holidays?



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