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The Lion King on Broadway

Ok so not exactly Broadway because I wasn’t in NY, but it was Broadway across America series in Baltimore. From the minute it began to the minute it ended I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was an amazing show! I am always impressed when they can turn an animated film into real life. The show was a great way to spend a Sunday right before the Christmas Holiday.

This show had great costumes and “effects”. The most impressive I feel like were the giraffes. The actors had to walk on stilts in the giraffe costume and walk across the stage several times without running into other “animals”. It was neat how many of the “animals” were the person’s body in a variety of animal shaped costumes, the Lions however only wore  lion heads (on top, not as their actual head). To see what i actually mean head over to the Lion King Website and watch the banner.

The music was awesome as well! I found myself singing along to all of the good favorites like “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,”  “Circle of Life,” and “Hakuna Matata”.

Finally it was great seeing it through the eyes of a child. You may say “huh?!” with that, but let me explain. Sitting behind me was a child probably 4 years old. She was well behaved the entire show, but of course often added her own commentary. She would ask “who’s that character?” which for me was very helpful since I didn’t always know either (it’s been a while and I couldn’t remember everyone’s name). She also would say she was scared when it was a darker scene and you knew something bad was about to happen (like Mufasa dying). It was great listening to her react and enjoy it just as much (or maybe more) than the adults did.

I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. I really enjoyed the show. I would also suggest that you go out and see it at a theatre near you. It’s playing in Baltimore until January 8.

What’s your favorite musical or play?
Of course Mary Poppins is still my favorite muscial!


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