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More sushi reviews!

Went to dinner with a friend and tried some new to me sushi, but an old Columbia favorite in town center. Sushi Sono to me is unique because the presentation of their rolls. Rarely does a roll come out looking plain (see below). The restaurant is quite busy, even on a Tuesday night, but luckily my friends goes all the time and she was able to quickly get us a table. The wait staff there is also so sweet and friendly, always willing to give you more tea (nice and hot) or water. They can answer questions about the food easily, which is always a bonus. I also had some miso soup (I am on a soup kick now too), and it was so flavorful. Which is slightly interesting because so often miso can be bland, but this had great flavor with the tofu and green onions. Definitely get out to try Sushi Sono soon!

Here’s a look at the Rock n’ Roll (the one with the avacado on top) was tasty with the eel and avacado flavors of slightly sweet and savory.


Shrimp Tempura (is delish with the tempura flakes that add a nice crunch to your palate)



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