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Post Christmas review

With another Christmas in the past I look at new and old traditions. For the very first time this year we had quite a few new ones. Like having Christmas day dinner at my cousins apartment in NYC!

LOOK AT THAT VIEW of the East River.


And some smaller ones like bacon instead of Italian sausage with breakfast. Yes I know that’s something weird but still it was different.

We also opened Christmas presents three times in the AM after before breakfast, after dinner, then when we got back to my parents with my brother’s girlfriend there too.

We did keep one tradition which was church then dinner, although both the church and restaurant were new, on Christmas Eve. I think the main reason for all the changes we celebrated Christmas without any grandparents (or parents for my parents) since I was born. Personally I think all I wanted for Christmas was a tan this year, instead I spent 48 hours in NY.

What new or old traditions did you have for Christmas this year?


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