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First new recipe of 2012

So as part of the plan to stick with new goals for 2012 I made a new recipe tonight. I made a chicken soup recipe. I am not a great one for remembering to take pictures of food, but here’s one mid-way through the meal

So now you may be wondering what’s in the soup. Well here’s what I put in but not very good with measurements for this one since I took the idea from a recipe but didn’t really follow it.

-cooked chicken (i used cubed pieces)
-diced celery, onion, carrots (i cheated and bought the mirepoix from Trader Joe’s)
-32oz of chicken broth
-10oz cheese tortellini
-garlic & pepper to taste

I let it cook for about 30 minutes to allow the tortellini to cook and the flavor to mix together.

It was quite tasty! I had enough for 3 leftover meals, which always makes for a good meal.

What new recipes are you planning for the new year?

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