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Sushi from Nashville

I went to Nashville over the New Year’s weekend and headed out of course to sushi (what else do you do in a land locked state) for dinner. We went on a recommendation from Martina McBride (yes that Martina, and no I don’t know her) via twitter. I am glad we had reservations because apparently Virago is a hot new place in Nashville and quite tasty because of the different kinds of ingredients they use. Although unique it definitely was no Sushi Sono (where the fish is the freshest I have ever eaten).

We had the Honey Fire (tempura shrimp, eel, Asian pear, jalapeño and honey fire sauce)

The Rising Sun (crab, salmon, shrimp, tempura crunch and spicy mayo, rolled without rice, tempura-battered and fried, topped, with pepper tobiko and honey fire sauce)

Phantom (tempura calamari, poblano peppers, cucumber, and avocado wrapped in black rice with soy tobiko, balsamic soy and sriracha)

Overall the food was tasty and out of the three the Phantom was the most interesting. This roll had black rice, which I have never tried before and then had some known favorites like cucumber, and avocado.

I have more pictures to share from that trip, hopefully I will have a chance to blog them this weekend.

Any good recommendations for Nashville?



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