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Meatloaf Recipe

So the perfect comfort food is always the best on a cold winter night, luckily for me that was not the case this weekend. In fact Saturday was so warm I sat at starbucks outside with just a light sweater on, and yes it’s January in Maryland. I know that was crazy, and yet people say global warming doesn’t exsist (but i disgress). Sunday turned out to also be a fairly warm day, but yet I was still in the mood for some comfort yumminess! What better way than some meatloaf, mashed potatoes and broccoli to round out the meal.

Thanks to pinterest I found an easy meatload recipe (yes I have made it before but was looking for something different). To be honest I only used the topping recipe (and because I don’t measure anything and only used what I had on hand it was a varitation). The actual recipe can be found on my pinterest page. Of course it was so yummy that I even forgot to tale a picture (oops).

So what did i do differently? Well I used the following to make my meatloaf (see the recipe for what they used):

  • ground beef (lean from the Amish market)
  • egg
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder
  • basil (dried)
  • oregano (dried)
  • pepper
  • peccorino romano cheese
  • dried bread crumbs
  • a little water

I also didn’t have regular mustard so I used dijon. The meatloaf was enought that I had dinner for 2 additional nights!



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