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Salad in a Jar!

I am in love!!! Best new lunch idea yet. Here’s the before:


And I know there should be an after but well it was just too yummy!

So what’s in this crazy, yummy, tasty, jar you ask? Well it’s a little bit of a lot. I feel like I did a kitchen sink lunch. Here’s today’s ingredients but I know I will be making this again.

I am starting at the bottom and working my way up:
Ranch dressing
Diced onions
Diced peppers (I used yellow and red)
Tortellini (literally like 2 TBS because that’s what I had)
Diced tomatoes
Buffalo Chicken (from the crockpot recipe)
Shredded cheese
Lettuce (yes I used it from the bag)

When it was lunch time I mixed it in the jar by shaking, then poured on a plate. You probably could eat right out of the jar if everything is chopped or diced and you left room to shake.

It was phenomenal!! I can’t wait to make it again. Also what’s so easy about this is I just cut some extra veggies from last nights salad and made this right after dinner.

I totally recommend to anyone that like easy salads!



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