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crock pot love continues

One thing I really do love about winter is that I use my crock pot A LOT!! Yes i know I could use it when it’s not winter, but it’s just so nice and warm thinking to have something simmering in the crock pot all day long. So this morning in my crazy busy (ok may be not that busy) running around the house I figured I needed some food for the week. I have been sadly eating lots of frozen lean cuisine meals lately, and although they are tasty, they are definitely not what I prefer. So I decided to make a pot roast type of meal.

Super easy has been my theme lately and today did not disappoint. Here’s what I had:

beef (i think i used a london broil)
onions (diced)
celery (diced)
carrots (cut)
Potatoes (cut)
packet of lipton onion soup mix
cup of water

Then you just let it all cook for 8-10 hours on low in the slow cooker. I didn’t have a full meal of it tonight because I ate a bunch of munchies watching football with friends (uggh what a great game and hard Ravens loss). So I took a small taste of it and can say it was quite yummy! I am looking forward to it being my dinner tomorrow.

What’s you Sunday cooking rituals?


2 thoughts on “crock pot love continues

  1. I must say, pot roast is probably my favorite meal to cook. It’s simple and sits in the crock pot all day yet is extremely delicious. I’ve never tried pot roast the way you made it but I’m thinking it’s worth a try! 🙂


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