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photos, photos, and more photos

So as part of my goals for 2012 I wanted to take 10 pictures in a month with my camera and blog about them. Well I did take way more than 10 pictures, but I don’t love all of them. So here’s some highlights and perhaps this is my motivation to get a few more taken and posted before the end of January.


Here are 2 pictures from Nashville. I didn’t actually take both of them in 2012, but I did download them in 2012 so I am going to count these:

Arrington Vineyards (just outside of Nashville)

The Country Music Hall of fame lobby:

Fast forward a few weeks and I took some cat pictures. Yes I get how that sounds considering I am single girl…but hey that’s life.

And fast forward to this weekend. I went to Charm City Cupcakes and tried my hand at learning how to make different cupcake decorations. Here are all 6 and a few of my favorites up close.

Then I headed outside and took some pictures of the sunset over the hill outside my house and through the trees.

What photo’s have you taken lately? I think my favorite one above is the cupcake with the green, blue, pink icing!



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