Woof Wednesday

So I don’t have a dog but lately really wish I did…the cuddly kind. I stopped by the pet store to buy cat food last night and fell in love with this sweet puppy. Although I love my life most days there are a few that make me wish things were a bit different and that my life included the dog (which would be a sign of a number of other things).

So instead I thought about woof Wednesdays and how puppies make me happy so I leave you with this group of puppies!


What makes you happy?


Wii on the Zumba

I love Zumba and have done it at the gym and Curves. I have been meaning to try it on the Wii for months, borrowed a friend’s copy, but have been lazy about it. Finally today I didn’t feel like Curves and i knew it would get dark before I finished walking outside, so on to the Wii I went. I really like Zumba and many of the songs were similar to other classes I have been too, however I decided I don’t really like doing it alone. I think one of the fun things about Zumba is  watching everyone else and joking along because we look dumb. So although it was still a good work out I still long for the days of the gym class. Since joining Curves I haven’t had a regular gym membership, and my Curves stopped Zumba, so I haven’t been to a class since June.

What new exercise have you tried recently?

wine makes for a great recipe starter

So tonight I had some veal medallions from the Amish market and decide what better way to make a delicious dinner than add some wine. I tried a new recipe, ok I actually made the recipe up, that’s super easy. Here’s the details:

-white wine

I diced the onions and garlic and sauteed in some olive oil. While that was cooking I lightly floured the veal, then placed it in the hot pan. I seared both sides of the veal then added 1/3 cup white wine (in this case I used Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc).  After it cooked for a little while I added the mushrooms, let that cook a little longer, then added the asparagus. I kept the food covered to help steam the vegetables in the wine sauce.

Overall it was a great meal! Here’s a look:

Any new recipes for you?

Oh and the whole family of Bonterra wine is so tasty! I bought a case a few months ago, and still have a few bottles left. I gave a bunch of them as gifts for the holidays and heard rave reviews.

photo shoot: cupcakes

A good friend is working on her bakery business (Beaudacious baking) and she was making some cupcakes this afternoon. So we decided to have a photo shoot. I took over 100 pictures and here are some of my favorites. As promised my friend isn’t in any of the pictures. . . but I have some good ones of her too 🙂

the mixer

delish frosting


mid decorating:

one special cupcake

interesting composition

Pretty flowers makes a girl smile

With all the talk about Valentines Day I figured I would share my last few days of love (in this case the platonic kind). I received these pretty flowers:


Which of course made me smile because I love daisies and anyone who really knows me would give me daisies instead of roses.

I went to bootie camp last night at Curves and my dear friend worked us hard 🙂 lots of squats and a killer ab workout. I really have been enjoying Curves but want to start running again. Of course by posting it here maybe I will actually get started.

I also received wonderful emails and text messages. So Even though I am not coupled up I feel the love in the air.

I also made cupcakes with butter cream frosting. I have decided I really don’t enjoy baking and almost feel like its a waste of time because I barely get to enjoy it. I know that sounds weird but you can only eat so much dessert.