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January Review of Goals

So i am going to try and keep on top of my 2012 goals and update how I have been doing. So here’s the results:

Goal #1: Put my toes in sand at least 5 separate times. I have a trip planned for the beach in a few months I am counting down!!

Goal #2: Have at least 100 workouts at Curves and 50 more general workouts. I only have 10 workouts for January, not great, but not horrible either since I would hit my 100 Curves, but I need to beef up the general workouts. I do have a plan for that. 

Goal #3: Try on average one new recipe a week and blog about it (that’s 52 recipes). I have been doing this, and many of you have been loving the new recipes. Right now they are mostly crock pot recipes, but I will try to do some more.

Goal #4: Visit at least one new place (I have been in the habit in 2011 and 2010 of going back to old familiar, favorite places but I need to see someplace new in 2012). Nothing happened here yet, but I do have one location planned (same place as number 1). And hopefully some others will happen.

Goal #5: Spend more of my time (not just my money) on doing good in the world. I have not done as much with this as I would like, but i have plans for February so I consider that progress. With my new job it’s hard to commit to something because of travel, but i know I can’t use that as an excuse.

Goal #6: Read more intellectually stimulating books (not just chick lit), goal of 5 this year. It’s early, so I still have time for this one, but right now I am at zero. Do you have a book recommendations for me?

Goal #7: Take at least 10 pictures a month (with my new camera) and blog about them, no iphone photos! So i took way more than 10 photos with the camera, but I only posted 7 this month. But I am motivated to do more!! I will have to ask if I can post photos of people (even if i don’t name them) since I plan on doing a bit of that in Feb.

Goal #8: Make healthier choices when I eat out so I feel better about my food choice. I have been eating sometimes better choices, and I mostly have been leaving food behind, so I think I am doing well with this. I have been eating out more than I would like but at least I am making healthier choices.

Goal#9: Save money and have a Treat Yo Self Day (click the link to see the video this has been inspired by). I haven’t done anything with this, and given the current state of my plans for the next few months I may decide to cancel this goal. It really isn’t a good one for me because I sadly am not great a putting off what i want to do and so would I really be treating myself? Thoughts on this one?

So readers how are you doing with your 2012 goals? Any suggestions on my goals? Thanks for helping keep me on track!


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