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Country music disappoints (almost)

Friday night I headed to the Filmore in Silver Spring for what should have been girls with guitars and a piano man. It was supposed to be Sara Evans as the headliner but sadly she ended up with the stomach flu so Phil Vassar took over the duties. He started off great with a few of his big hits. He then went on to introduce the other girls (and one guy as the substitute). LeAnn Womack, Sunny Sweeney and Joanna Smith were our girls and Easton Corbin was our guy…well let’s just say there was some of the performance left to be desired. They each sang about 4-5 songs, which included many of the tops hits for each (feel free to google).


We then get to the last song (Doc Watson- Down In The Valley To Pray) was supposed to be all of them together, yet most didn’t know the words. It was so bad to the point where someone from behind the stage had to come out with lyrics. I would have been fine if they really didn’t know it and came on stage with the lyrics. I was also disappointed because at many time they were on their phones (well all but Phil). I was super annoyed. I guess we also had a birds eye few so we could see quite a bit of what the performers were doing:


At the end of the show performers (regardless of the performance) thank the audience, take a bow, and say goodnight, something. Well that didn’t happen. All but Phil Vassar finished the song (which again they didn’t know the words) and walked off the stage. I was VERY confused. I have never seen that before. Phil stayed on the stage, the crowd cheered, and he tried to get the rest of them back on stage for a bow, a thank you, SOMETHING!! But after much coaxing the only two that appear were Sunny Sweeney and Joanna Smith. They didn’t stick around long. So as Phil thanked the audience and left the stage. But unlike the others he came back for an encore (since they played for less than 2 hours, this was much appreciated). He played his amazing rendition of Piano Man. You can see many versions on Youtube.

So even if others disappointed Phil is why I am still going to pay money for country music. I would also say i will NEVER go see any of the other performers again. I also know many others would not have behaved the same way and I was actually appalled by their behavior.

So friends, what have shocked you lately? Have you seen any lack of appreciation from other performers?



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