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Weekend of local food

I know I have blogged about them before, but Sushi Sono and 2nd Chance Saloon never disappoint. I chose sushi on Saturday for lunch (oh and the lunch specials are active on Saturdays, that is so rare) and introduced a friend to my love of the best sushi in Columbia at Sushi Sono. We had a spicy, crunchy tuna roll; rock & roll; and seafood roll. They were all tasty but of course the tuna was my fav! Love the blend of spice and crunch.

Sunday I went with a different friend to 2nd Chance and dang the burgers are still outstanding! It’s been a while since i have eaten their burgers in awhile. I was craving it and thankfully they came through. Lately my cravings for food have gone slightly awry and I have been disappointed but not today. Here’s a pic of the burger:


So what yummy local food have you eaten?




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