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wine makes for a great recipe starter

So tonight I had some veal medallions from the Amish market and decide what better way to make a delicious dinner than add some wine. I tried a new recipe, ok I actually made the recipe up, that’s super easy. Here’s the details:

-white wine

I diced the onions and garlic and sauteed in some olive oil. While that was cooking I lightly floured the veal, then placed it in the hot pan. I seared both sides of the veal then added 1/3 cup white wine (in this case I used Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc).  After it cooked for a little while I added the mushrooms, let that cook a little longer, then added the asparagus. I kept the food covered to help steam the vegetables in the wine sauce.

Overall it was a great meal! Here’s a look:

Any new recipes for you?

Oh and the whole family of Bonterra wine is so tasty! I bought a case a few months ago, and still have a few bottles left. I gave a bunch of them as gifts for the holidays and heard rave reviews.



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