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Wii on the Zumba

I love Zumba and have done it at the gym and Curves. I have been meaning to try it on the Wii for months, borrowed a friend’s copy, but have been lazy about it. Finally today I didn’t feel like Curves and i knew it would get dark before I finished walking outside, so on to the Wii I went. I really like Zumba and many of the songs were similar to other classes I have been too, however I decided I don’t really like doing it alone. I think one of the fun things about Zumba is  watching everyone else and joking along because we look dumb. So although it was still a good work out I still long for the days of the gym class. Since joining Curves I haven’t had a regular gym membership, and my Curves stopped Zumba, so I haven’t been to a class since June.

What new exercise have you tried recently?


One thought on “Wii on the Zumba

  1. i like zumba, too. i go to different classes at the gym. i am not sure if i would like it on my own, but zumba on the wii would be good for work since the wii is sometimes how the patients get exercise. i have noticed that there are certain instructors i like more, but i do not find that people are laughing at themselves or each other. i must be in some pretty coordinated classes since the other class members tend to move pretty well:)


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