Hunger Games done!

Yes i know it’s all the rage, and yes I don’t care! I read all 3 Hunger Games books in like 2 weeks. Weirdly the first book took a while to get into but once you are hooked books 2 & 3 are like crack! I even saw the movie this weekend. It was a good, but the books are definitely better, I felt the same way about Harry Potter. In fact I didn’t like the first Harry Potter movie and so I didn’t see any of the other ones.

After watching and reading the Hunger Games I want a love like Peeta, a love that withstands the crazy turbulence of life. Ok perhaps I don’t want to actually be a tribute, but wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone willing to do anything to save you. Although I don’t want this person to die for me…but the loyalty he feels towards Katniss is inspiring, and yes I understand it’s a movie (and a book). I haven’t given up hope that my Peeta is out there, but I think it might be time for him to ask for directions. I am a little tired of waiting for him to find me. Or perhaps it’s my butt needs to get out there and look for my Peeta.


sightings from the road

In the last 2 weeks I had a few quick business trips and noticed a few different things. I will recap them for you:

  • Train rides in the quiet car are not always quiet, especially when older men sit behind you (they are heavy breathers)
  • Men should NEVER ever wear a purse, i don’t care if you are trying to make it look stylist or like a man bag, it’s still a purse
  • As a woman you will be in the minority sitting at the hotel bar (they are at least 5 men for every woman)
  • Trains are always delayed! Yes I guess it’s possible for the train to be on time, but in my last 6 train rides not one was on time (even if they were just a few minutes delayed, it was still delayed)
  • It’s really annoying when your car service takes the long was to the train station and you arrive 10 minutes after the early train and now have to wait over an hour for the next one
  • It’s weird that hotels still have wired connections and not wi-fi in all rooms
  • If you are sitting in the quiet car don’t answer your cell phone, or speak loudly with your co-workers
  • Food on the road gets tiring! I really don’t want any more sandwiches . . . or salads.

Finally all this travel can be exhausting! I love Marriott beds, however I do prefer my own bed. I spent much time there on Sunday when I came down with a stomach bug (which I don’t recommend), but I wish it was for better reasons.

What sightings have you seen lately?

enjoying the sunlight

So I know many out there hate the whole day light savings time thing but really I enjoy the sun in the evenings! Yes it’s definitely hard to get out of bed when it’s still dark (yes it was dark at 6:30 this am) but I loved that I was walking around with a hint of sunshine left at 7PM tonight. I had a bunch of errands to run and instead of driving to each of them in the parking lot I parked my car and walked to each one. I will take time of sun so that I can get out and be active in the evenings. I am hoping this warm weather continues too and I can walk outside tomorrow.
Sorry I have been out of touch for a while. I did head to a Phil Vassar concert, Brad Paisley concert, Hershey spa, and NYC. So yes I have been a busy bee and the first thing to go is blogging sorry to my peeps.

What have you been up to?

Pot Roast via the crock pot

So I tried a new pot roast recipe from a suggestion by Snickerdoodle but I am still not sure how I feel about it. I enjoyed the smell of the crock pot cooking all afternoon and it smelled delicious right before I started eating it. But I felt like something was missing from this dish. It could be that I usually have potatoes, carrots and onions in my roast dished (I added tiny potatoes from Trader Joe’s) but I still felt like something was missing. It was definitely tasty but not amazing that I was hoping for. I guess like many recipes you live and learn . . . I probably won’t be making this one again but I will definitely eat the leftovers.

February Review of Goals

So it’s that time of month when I review the goals for 2012 and see how I did in February to achieve them. In case you forgot what they are you can look at the full details on the 2012 Goals Tab. But I will recap them here:

Goal #1: Put my toes in sand at least 5 separate times. No progress here, but the weather is still cold. . . so I have some time. I did book my flight to Ft. Lauderdale so I guess that can count as progress.

Goal #2: Have at least 100 workouts at Curves and 50 more general workouts. Good progress here I continue to work out 3-4 times a week and have already over 20 Curves workouts and a handful of others. You can see the most recent on the Workout Tab.

Goal #3: Try on average one new recipe a week and blog about it (that’s 52 recipes). I was doing really good with this but traveled a lot in Feb and so I only made one new recipe. Right now I am at a total of 7 so I am not too far behind since we are 9 weeks in to the year. I need to make sure I do some meals this weekend to keep pace!

Goal #4: Visit at least one new place (I have been in the habit in 2011 and 2010 of going back to old familiar, favorite places but I need to see someplace new in 2012). Still working on this…I went to new places in CT and PA in Feb but I don’t necessarily count them because I wasn’t there because I was trying a new place. CT was for work and PA was for a concert (yes I will blog about that soon too).

Goal #5: Spend more of my time (not just my money) on doing good in the world. I have been volunteerting each week at my new church. If you are looking for a different kind of Christian church check out Six:Eight in Baltimore.

Goal #6: Read more intellectually stimulating books (not just chick lit), goal of 5 this year. Nothing new here, but I have plans to start Hunger Games soon, and I know that’s not chick lit. We will see if I can get into it.

Goal #7: Take at least 10 pictures a month (with my new camera) and blog about them, no iphone photos! Almost there! It’s a short month (only 29 days this year) and so I only got to 8 camera pictures, but I did supplement with a few iphone pics. Yes I know BAD me 🙂

Goal #8: Make healthier choices when I eat out so I feel better about my food choice. I have for the most part doing better with this. In fact many time I have chosen to eat at home than eat out or had a salad out instead of a much higher calorie dish. I have managed to not feel the sick full feeling too often, which for me is huge progress! And I am ok with leaving food on my plate and not taking home the leftovers, even a bigger feat.

So overall I give myself a passing grade for the month (but just barely). Let’s hope March is more productive.  I have less work travel planned so that should help.