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sightings from the road

In the last 2 weeks I had a few quick business trips and noticed a few different things. I will recap them for you:

  • Train rides in the quiet car are not always quiet, especially when older men sit behind you (they are heavy breathers)
  • Men should NEVER ever wear a purse, i don’t care if you are trying to make it look stylist or like a man bag, it’s still a purse
  • As a woman you will be in the minority sitting at the hotel bar (they are at least 5 men for every woman)
  • Trains are always delayed! Yes I guess it’s possible for the train to be on time, but in my last 6 train rides not one was on time (even if they were just a few minutes delayed, it was still delayed)
  • It’s really annoying when your car service takes the long was to the train station and you arrive 10 minutes after the early train and now have to wait over an hour for the next one
  • It’s weird that hotels still have wired connections and not wi-fi in all rooms
  • If you are sitting in the quiet car don’t answer your cell phone, or speak loudly with your co-workers
  • Food on the road gets tiring! I really don’t want any more sandwiches . . . or salads.

Finally all this travel can be exhausting! I love Marriott beds, however I do prefer my own bed. I spent much time there on Sunday when I came down with a stomach bug (which I don’t recommend), but I wish it was for better reasons.

What sightings have you seen lately?


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