Hiking Saturday

What started out as an easy, quick hike ended up being 5 miles…it was quite the challenge at time, but worth it! Here are some photos that I took. We were in Great Falls Park.


art of relaxation . . .

or for me it’s more the art of not being able to relax very long. Sometimes I feel like my attention span is probably equal to the size of a peanut. I had this beautiful view as I ate breakfast one morning sipping on my Starbucks coffee. It’s amazing right!?!


Guess how long I could last just enjoying the view? If you guessed less than 15 minutes you would be right. I kept getting up, kept fighting the urge to move, checked my phone, asked my friend how much longer before we do the next thing, and then began to plan what I would do next. I spent 3 days at the pool/beach and it nearly killed me! I read 3 magazines, 2 books and checked my phone probably 50 times. I also got up usually once an hour to get a drink or use the restroom. You would think I have a problem…but I can focus on some things, relaxation is just not one of them.

In 2006 I went to Italy with one of my best friends, and we spent a week at a resort where our main focus was just to relax. After day 3 she wanted to kill me because I just couldn’t sit there. I know by the end of that vacation I finally decompressed enough to enjoy the surroundings, I mean it was southern Italy, how can you not? But honestly it took every ounce of patience I had to finally get there.

I have been contemplating why I can’t sit and do literally nothing. I wonder if part of my problem is I don’t like spending too much time in my own head. It usually leads to bad things . . . which I probably why I love that my commute has been cut in more than half because spending time in the car, alone, thinking, gets old after a while. Most days on my drive home I would spend the whole time on the phone because it kept me occupied. Luckily now with under 30 minutes (most days 15-20) I don’t have time to get into good thinking mode. Although yesterday I drove about an hour on a boring stretch of road to visit a friend and her new baby and I spent most of that time stuck in my head. Thinking of the what if’s of life and the changes (or lack of change) over the last few years.

See it’s easy to spend the day reading a book or watching tv but just doing nothing is like torture!

How do you get into relaxation mode?

Here’s another beach picture:

words don’t come easy

How many times do you sit down with great some ideas yet when you actually begin to write all you get are a few words? That’s how I have been feeling lately. I have some thoughts in my brain, but they don’t seem to want to translate on to the screen. Possibly part of my problem is by the time I get to writing my brain has decided it’s shut down for the day? I usually write in the evening because I am not likely to get up early to write before work, and I shouldn’t write during the day since I am actually working (today was  a busy day), so evening it is.

So here are some ramblings I have been think about lately in no real order…

What’s up with the cold few days we are having here in the DC area!?! I went to FL to get to the warm, and of course it was warm in DC. I come back and it gets cold…I am sitting on the couch freezing! So I am having tea, sitting with a sweatshirt and socks on.

Planning. . . this is going to be the cryptic one but why do things never go quite as planned? I again had some great ideas, but the more I start planning the more I realize it just might not work out. I think I may go ahead with my plan and just see what happens.

Here’s a photo (because people seem to like them) and well there is a story behind this one for the weekend.

I was out to dinner with some friend on Friday night at a local Italian restaurant (Mamma Lucia’s) and got taking to one of the owners/manager about Italy. He talked about decorating the restaurant with some photos that his waitress had taken a few months ago from Italy. I mentioned my trip in 2006 and he wants to meet with me to see my photos. How crazy is that? My pictures may end up in a public place!! So exciting!! So the picture above is from a small village in Southern Italy call Maratea.

What have you been thinking bout lately? What would you like to ramble about?



titles are so hard

Trying to come up with a title when the post will just be  a stream of consciousness is quite difficult. A lot has happened since I last posted…I am no longer on the doors of what felt like death! I went to NJ (near Trenton) for work and then Ft. Lauderdale for a week. Partly to enjoy the beach, partly to work…as with work we did have some time for fun in the sun. We had lunch outside each day looking at the ocean. It was quite the view. Yes I know this is where I should be posting a picture…here you go!

While in FL I had some great food at Rocco Taco’s and awesome seafood at the hotel, Marriott Harbor Beach’s 3030 restaurant. Of course we spent time walking on the beach and by the pool. Sadly it was quite windy so it limited our time on the beach.

Now that I am back and healthy (or at least I hope since I am coughing again, better be allergies) life can resume back to normal since I will be in town for a while. Which means I need to plan some new meals…I am thinking tomorrow might be crock pot lasagna. But I need a few other suggestions for the next few weeks.

What have y’all be up to?

sadly sick

Yes i know the title sounds pretty depressing and well to be honest over the last few days I have felt a little depressed with myself. As you know (if you have been reading along) I have been working out, and eating healthier the last few months yet I seem to be getting sick quite often.So yes I am sick AGAIN! This time it started with a cough, then fever, then congestion…it has been an icky sickness. I am hoping it going to be ending soon since it will be a week shortly. I know I have been traveling more and many say traveling takes the toll on your body. So I am thinking what else can I be doing to make sure I stay healthy! My mom suggested some vitamins so perhaps I should try that too.

The other sadly sick part is being a single girl and being sick really is not fun! No one brings me tea and soup, or goes to the store to get more tissues and OJ. Everything just sits and waits for me to do it, like the cooking (which I haven’t eaten much since I got sick) and the laundry, and the cleaning (finally did some of both today). I think sometimes just the thought of having someone else take care of you sometimes (instead of always doing it myself) would be nice. At times I say how I love the independence of living the solo life but I also think it might be nice to settle down.

I also wonder if part of my wanting the need to belong to something bigger is in part because of the Easter weekend. I remember the days of celebrations for all the holidays (even small ones) and now I don’t celebrate many of them. The last few years I actually had Easter Sunday dinners but that didn’t happen this year…and I missed it. I was glad to go to church this morning at Six:Eight but other than that my day was spent alone (yes part of it was because I was sick). I love holidays and celebrations, yet lately I don’t seem to be doing either. I need to think more on that.

What do you love about being single or being attached?