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March Review

Oops March was supposed to be better at reaching/maintaining those 2012 goals. I am honestly not sure where March went. It was supposed to be a light month for work travel and that didn’t happen. It was supposed to be a month of fairly free weekends, well that didn’t happen either. Check out the 2012 Goals Tab for the full description.

Goal #1: Put my toes in sand at least 5 separate times. No progress here, but the weather was pretty nice so I sat outside a few time, however it was definitely not beach weather.

Goal #2: Have at least 100 workouts at Curves and 50 more general workouts. Progress here continues, but not as good as previous months, most weeks I work out 3-4 times but I had a deathly sickness this month that put me out of working out commission for almost a week.  You can see the most recent on the Workout Tab.

Goal #3: Try on average one new recipe a week and blog about it (that’s 52 recipes). I completely failed this one! I think I only posted one new recipe this month. Oh well, I wasn’t home as much as I was hoping for dinner. I did make the favorite buffalo crockpot chicken!

Goal #4: Visit at least one new place. Still working on this…I didn’t go any new places for work this month either, just more of the same.

Goal #5: Spend more of my time (not just my money) on doing good in the world. I volunteered on March 31 with my new church (Six:Eight) at a multi-care facility for adults.

Goal #6: Read more intellectually stimulating books (not just chick lit), goal of 5 this year. I read Hunger Games trilogy, does that count? It wasn’t chick lit. Because that’s 3 books right there, and thinking about them it could have political innuendos.

Goal #7: Take at least 10 pictures a month (with my new camera) and blog about them, no iphone photos! Ughh so I took no pictures until March 31 and I didn’t post any of them…I promise to do better!

Goal #8: Make healthier choices when I eat out so I feel better about my food choice. I am doing really well here. I haven’t felt sick after eating at a restaurant in a while. This means I am making healthier choices AND i am not eating everything on my plate. I did have a piece of cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory this weekend, but I had it split in two, only ate less than half the piece that was given to me at the restaurant and decided I didn’t need the other half and trashed it. I get that could be wasting money, but they don’t let you get a half of a piece.

So overall I give myself a meets requirements (but the low end) for the month. In my health areas I really have been making strides, which I think is probably more important that posting pictures.



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