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sadly sick

Yes i know the title sounds pretty depressing and well to be honest over the last few days I have felt a little depressed with myself. As you know (if you have been reading along) I have been working out, and eating healthier the last few months yet I seem to be getting sick quite often.So yes I am sick AGAIN! This time it started with a cough, then fever, then congestion…it has been an icky sickness. I am hoping it going to be ending soon since it will be a week shortly. I know I have been traveling more and many say traveling takes the toll on your body. So I am thinking what else can I be doing to make sure I stay healthy! My mom suggested some vitamins so perhaps I should try that too.

The other sadly sick part is being a single girl and being sick really is not fun! No one brings me tea and soup, or goes to the store to get more tissues and OJ. Everything just sits and waits for me to do it, like the cooking (which I haven’t eaten much since I got sick) and the laundry, and the cleaning (finally did some of both today). I think sometimes just the thought of having someone else take care of you sometimes (instead of always doing it myself) would be nice. At times I say how I love the independence of living the solo life but I also think it might be nice to settle down.

I also wonder if part of my wanting the need to belong to something bigger is in part because of the Easter weekend. I remember the days of celebrations for all the holidays (even small ones) and now I don’t celebrate many of them. The last few years I actually had Easter Sunday dinners but that didn’t happen this year…and I missed it. I was glad to go to church this morning at Six:Eight but other than that my day was spent alone (yes part of it was because I was sick). I love holidays and celebrations, yet lately I don’t seem to be doing either. I need to think more on that.

What do you love about being single or being attached?

2 thoughts on “sadly sick

  1. The change in diet and exercise could be causing you to be more prone to illness because 1) your body is coping with the change 2) it’s flushing out old toxins. I bet some supplements, vitamins, or a really good cleanse could help! And drink lots of water! (as cliche as that is, it can never be said too many times because it is SO important for the WHOLE system!)
    Don’t get too bummed! 🙂

  2. I agree when I am ill it would be nice to have someone bring me things and take care of me, but I like being single. I get to go where I want and eat whatever or wherever a I want. I am a morning person and enjoy Zumba on Sunday mornings which I don’t have to compromise with anyone about waking up early on Sunday morning.


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