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titles are so hard

Trying to come up with a title when the post will just be  a stream of consciousness is quite difficult. A lot has happened since I last posted…I am no longer on the doors of what felt like death! I went to NJ (near Trenton) for work and then Ft. Lauderdale for a week. Partly to enjoy the beach, partly to work…as with work we did have some time for fun in the sun. We had lunch outside each day looking at the ocean. It was quite the view. Yes I know this is where I should be posting a picture…here you go!

While in FL I had some great food at Rocco Taco’s and awesome seafood at the hotel, Marriott Harbor Beach’s 3030 restaurant. Of course we spent time walking on the beach and by the pool. Sadly it was quite windy so it limited our time on the beach.

Now that I am back and healthy (or at least I hope since I am coughing again, better be allergies) life can resume back to normal since I will be in town for a while. Which means I need to plan some new meals…I am thinking tomorrow might be crock pot lasagna. But I need a few other suggestions for the next few weeks.

What have y’all be up to?



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