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words don’t come easy

How many times do you sit down with great some ideas yet when you actually begin to write all you get are a few words? That’s how I have been feeling lately. I have some thoughts in my brain, but they don’t seem to want to translate on to the screen. Possibly part of my problem is by the time I get to writing my brain has decided it’s shut down for the day? I usually write in the evening because I am not likely to get up early to write before work, and I shouldn’t write during the day since I am actually working (today was  a busy day), so evening it is.

So here are some ramblings I have been think about lately in no real order…

What’s up with the cold few days we are having here in the DC area!?! I went to FL to get to the warm, and of course it was warm in DC. I come back and it gets cold…I am sitting on the couch freezing! So I am having tea, sitting with a sweatshirt and socks on.

Planning. . . this is going to be the cryptic one but why do things never go quite as planned? I again had some great ideas, but the more I start planning the more I realize it just might not work out. I think I may go ahead with my plan and just see what happens.

Here’s a photo (because people seem to like them) and well there is a story behind this one for the weekend.

I was out to dinner with some friend on Friday night at a local Italian restaurant (Mamma Lucia’s) and got taking to one of the owners/manager about Italy. He talked about decorating the restaurant with some photos that his waitress had taken a few months ago from Italy. I mentioned my trip in 2006 and he wants to meet with me to see my photos. How crazy is that? My pictures may end up in a public place!! So exciting!! So the picture above is from a small village in Southern Italy call Maratea.

What have you been thinking bout lately? What would you like to ramble about?





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