May pictures

As promised lots of pictures for you from some of my recent travels and evenings out.

Here’s some tree house pictures



Pictures from some local places

Then I thought this was cool artistically, my friends didn’t agree, but what do you think?


Be Free. Be Happy. Be You.

Be Free. Be Happy. Be You.

This inspired me to take a few minutes and update about life.

It’s been a crazy few weeks. I was in NY for work, Nashville for fun, and then really busy with life. I have been good about taking photos so tonight may be photo updates.

In NY just did the usual work thing, but flew through LaGuardia airport. If you have never been there don’t go…if you have to be there prepare yourself. It’s so not fun! I think it have been spoiled by the prettiness of BWI but really it’s kind of gross. Not a lot of food options, not a lot of seating, it’s dark and looks dirty (ok off the soap box).

I was home for 48 hours then off to Nashville for my birthday weekend. We went to the world’s largest tree house in the Crossville TN. I have some pictures to post later. I also hit up Arrington Vineyards (owned by Kix Brooks) and the Frist museum for visual arts.  Of course no trip to Nashville is complete without some time at the Second Fiddle, my favorite Nashville honky tonk.

This past week I have no idea what kept me so busy, but I do remember I had dinner with a few different friends as part of birthday celebrations. I also had a small b-day celebration at Second Chance Saloon, saw my friend’s band (the Project) and went to the Lady Antebellum concert at Merriweather.

So I feel free, happy and just me because of all the fun stuff I have been up to lately. I think I have also made a few decisions about life this past weekend and I am excited to start the next chapter for year 33.

What makes you feel happy?

country music says it best

I listened to a lot of music this weekend, mainly because I have been in the car a lot. One of my favorite songs right now is: “woman like you” by Lee Brice . . . here are the lyrics:

Last night, outta the blue
Driftin’ off to the evening news
You said “Honey, what would you do
If you’d never met me”
I just laughed, said
“I don’t know,
But I could take a couple guesses though”
And then tried to dig real deep,
Said, “Darling honestly…
I’d do a lot more offshore fishin’
I’d probably eat more drive-thru chicken
Take a few strokes off my golf game
If I’d have never known your name
I’d still be driving that old green ‘Nova
I probably never would have heard of yoga
Be a better football fan
But if I was a single man
Alone and out there on the loose
Well I’d be looking for a woman like you.”
I could tell that got her attention
So I said, “Oh yeah, I forgot to mention,
I wouldn’t trade a single day
For 100 years the other way.”
She just smiled and rolled her eyes,
Cause she’s heard all of my lines
I said, “C’mon on girl, seriously
If I hadn’t been so lucky
I’d be shootin’ pool in my bachelor pad
Playing bass in my cover band
Restocking up cold Bud Light
For poker every Tuesday night, yeah
I’d have a dirtbike in the shed
And not one throw pillow on the bed
I’d keep my cash in a coffee can
But if I was a single man
Alone and out there on the loose
Well I’d be looking for a woman like you.”
She knows what a mess I’d be if I didn’t have her here
But to be sure,
I whispered in her ear “You know I get sick deep-sea fishin’
And you make the best fried chicken
I got a hopeless golf game
I love the sound of your name
I might miss that old green ‘Nova
But I love watchin’ you do yoga
I’d take a gold band on my hand
Over being a single man
Cause honestly I don’t know what I’d do
If I’d never met a woman like you.”
To have someone who feels this way in your life is priceless, now just to find that 😉 currently taking applications or suggestions.

April Review

Ok so me and the goals for 2012 are not doing so well…I either need to be a bit more realistic or get cracking on my goals. I feel like the answer is both. So I will recap below.

Goal #1: Put my toes in sand at least 5 separate times. Ok so I did it twice (but on the same trip). Sadly it was too windy to stay on the beach, but we had nice views and I showed you some of the pretty beach of Ft. Lauderdale.

Goal #2: Have at least 100 workouts at Curves and 50 more general workouts. I worked out only 10 out of the 30 days in April. I was sick again, even missed work, and I was on vacation/work travel.  You can see the most recent on the Workout Tab. I am at 46 workouts as of April 30.

Goal #3: Try on average one new recipe a week and blog about it (that’s 52 recipes). I think I need to rethink this one! I just can’t seem to get in the habit of cooking lately. And when I do it’s usually the old standbys. I like to cook new recipes on the weekend because there is more time, but haven’t really had the time on weekends lately either. I think I need to readjust to 1 recipe a month.

Goal #4: Visit at least one new place. Technically I did this….I went to Ft. Lauderdale and I haven’t been there before (except for the airport and that doesn’t count). So YAY. But I would really like to get another new place in this year.

Goal #5: Spend more of my time (not just my money) on doing good in the world. I volunteered for Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults this month. Check them out, they do good work! I read scholarship applications (10 of them) for the fall. 

Goal #6: Read more intellectually stimulating books (not just chick lit), goal of 5 this year. Still nothing unless we are counting Hunger Games…have we decided that yet?

Goal #7: Take at least 10 pictures a month (with my new camera) and blog about them, no iphone photos! I did this, ok maybe I didn’t post them all but I took way more than 10 pictures this month with my camera…and oh how I love thee! You can check out some of the photos (just click the photos tag) and let me know what you think.

Goal #8: Make healthier choices when I eat out so I feel better about my food choice. I continue to be happy with the choices I have been making here. So I consider this a success!

Wow so I did much better this month than I thought I did…I feel like 6 out of 8 were moving in the right direction. GO ME!!I had a discussion with one of my best friends about setting goals, she took a different approach. She is doing one thing a month that would/could make her life better. I am really proud of her and I am impressed by her strides.

How are you doing on your 2012 goals?