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Be Free. Be Happy. Be You.

Be Free. Be Happy. Be You.

This inspired me to take a few minutes and update about life.

It’s been a crazy few weeks. I was in NY for work, Nashville for fun, and then really busy with life. I have been good about taking photos so tonight may be photo updates.

In NY just did the usual work thing, but flew through LaGuardia airport. If you have never been there don’t go…if you have to be there prepare yourself. It’s so not fun! I think it have been spoiled by the prettiness of BWI but really it’s kind of gross. Not a lot of food options, not a lot of seating, it’s dark and looks dirty (ok off the soap box).

I was home for 48 hours then off to Nashville for my birthday weekend. We went to the world’s largest tree house in the Crossville TN. I have some pictures to post later. I also hit up Arrington Vineyards (owned by Kix Brooks) and the Frist museum for visual arts.  Of course no trip to Nashville is complete without some time at the Second Fiddle, my favorite Nashville honky tonk.

This past week I have no idea what kept me so busy, but I do remember I had dinner with a few different friends as part of birthday celebrations. I also had a small b-day celebration at Second Chance Saloon, saw my friend’s band (the Project) and went to the Lady Antebellum concert at Merriweather.

So I feel free, happy and just me because of all the fun stuff I have been up to lately. I think I have also made a few decisions about life this past weekend and I am excited to start the next chapter for year 33.

What makes you feel happy?


One thought on “Be Free. Be Happy. Be You.

  1. traveling makes me happy, talking to my friends makes me really happy (thanks for the happiness on Sunday 🙂 ), and funny things my nephew and niece say.


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