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Fun fun fun

So I have been quite remiss in posting my life’s adventures as of late and yet there have been many since my last post. I went to Cornell to see my cousin graduate, I saw Zac Brown in concert, and I am sure other things have happened since it’s been 2 weeks since my last post. I will say I even took lots of pictures on my Cornell weekend and Zac Brown, so I should post them (they also fit into my May posting month). I also need to do a monthly update…ughh so much to do. Yet I think about it and then never actually follow through and write anything. In the evenings my brain has just been too tired. Perhaps I should work on a post all day long as things come to me then finish them in the evenings when I have more time.


So how do you find time to post? What do you find interesting to write about?


One thought on “Fun fun fun

  1. Posting is hard. I haven’t been great at it lately. One thing that has helped has been trying to get 3 theme days but even that I’m not good at. But it does make it easier to plan a post ahead of time so I can set it up to automatically post on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Plus, when I think of something I want to post about it, I write it down and then work on the post whenever I have time.


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