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oranges and sunshine

What do these two things have in common? It’s pretty easy really…I love them! Here’s a delicious (and I mean slightly amazing) orange slice I had with my lunch today:

Ok yes I know you can’t quite get how amazing it was from a picture, but I will attempt to describe…It was cold (since I had it in the fridge then on ice), it was sweet and it was juicy! Yes take your mind out of the gutter please. I enjoyed each and every bite of my orange and really wish I had more to enjoy. I am going to next focus on some sweet cherries.

Do you see a theme here? Yes it’s all food, but more importantly it’s sunshine food. Huh you ask? Yes I know greenhouses exist but really good fruit needs good old fashion sunshine to make it grow! And right now I am loving my sunshine (after yesterday’s horrible rain) and my fruit.

I even looked at the five day forecast and did a double take…I thought I was in Sunny LA for a minute because the weather (at least right now) is perfect for the next few days!

Thu Jun 14

Partly Cloudy81°

Fri Jun 15


Sat Jun 16


Sun Jun 17


I am looking forward to some fun in the sun!



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