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Wegman’s craziness!

It’s open, it’s official, Wegman’s in Columbia is open! I was part of the excitement when the doors opened at 7AM today. Yes I was/am one of those. I actually expected it to be a lot worse but when I got there at 6:20 there were probably only a couple of hundred people in line. I was surrounded by some very nice people as I waited with my Starbucks coffee.

Here’s are some pics from the waiting game:

the line in front of me

cars still coming in just before 7…can you see the Howard County Police controlling traffic?

As we started walking in only a few people got upset. Why you may ask? Sadly as we all waited in the line to get in a bunch of others found another door they opened and were bypassing the line to get in that door. Let’s just say it didn’t make some people happy, which I totally understand, but it wasn’t like they were giving away free laptops. Once inside I was greeted by lots and lots of smiling employees. I also saw Ken Ulman (our Howard County Executive) and he said hello. I continued through to the baking section knowing my first stop was some pretzel rolls.  I also figured why not try a bagel, but didn’t expect them to be that good…here’s an everything bagel I had for breakfast once I came home!

It was delish! Just like I was home in NY having a local bagel, almost as good. Although a little softer than typical NY bagels. I was happy that I found a new replacement though since I don’t make it up to NY nearly as often as I should.

Next up was some fresh produce. I almost bought some cheese too, but decided to hold off for now. I did snap a quick picture though.

Would you like a potato too?It was a great opening day shopping experience and really liked how calm and friendly everyone was. I was helped by 3 employees without even really trying. It was also a breeze to check out, perhaps because I only actually spent 30 minutes looking around. I figured it was not the best day to do real grocery shopping. I didn’t want to walk through with a cart because it was too crowded for that and I like to be able to jet up and down the lanes. The only area that was really busy was the produce and prepared food sections.

I loved the store mainly because it was so pretty and shiny! But really I will love it for the convenience once the crowds settle down. I love the idea of picking up some fresh prepared food on my way home, or sitting out on their patio to have a lunch on the weekend.
What do you love about Wegman’s? What are you excited about?

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