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plans never seem to go as planned

I had lots of plans this weekend, yet the continued to get slightly changed. Friday night was I believe the catalyst for it all! Dang storms ruining things, but also allowing for happy little surprises.  There are so many things that would explain but yet all of it seems like a lot of details that would be unnecessary to share. Let’s just say perhaps my patience has paid off. Lots of great experiences this weekend and quite a number of things I was to continue the journey.

Lately I have been trying to be better at enjoying the journey and not really focusing on the destination in life. The important things take time to nurture, flourish and develop. I am trying to remember that it’s all a matter of relaxing and letting things happen. Those that know me best know that relaxing is not one of my strengths…in fact one might say I am REALLY REALLY REALLY bad at it.

In fact Friday night I found myself without any real plans and was quite bored trying to entertain myself. Today I find myself bored as well…I am trying to be patient waiting for the AC repair man to arrive. Luckily as long as I sit in one place with the fan on it’s not too hot in here. The cats seem to be ok to…although I am sure they would like their temperature control to come back soon.

Finally as my title says “plans never seem to go as planned” is ironic since I just had a discussion at church yesterday about plans. My pastor actually said God laughs when we make plans because he decides to throw a wrench in the plans.



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