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Days of Mixed Emotions

Happy Friday the 13th! Are you freaking out? Not me…I love the 13th no matter what day of the week it lands on! I actually am weird in that I consider 13 my lucky number. I was born on the 13th, I played all my years of sports as #13 and almost every location I have lived in as an adult has the number 1 or 3, or even better 13 in it. Yes it’s true…I am not kidding, 301, 103, 213, and the list goes on.

But today’s real topic is all about mixed emotions, it’s been a roller coaster of a week in the emotional state of me. I can go from happy to sad to crying to overcome with joy all in a few short hours…if I didn’t know better I would think I have some mood disorder, but nope I don’t it’s just been a rough week. For the most part I am pretty happy person or at least I try to be…yet every once in while I have a stretch of a few days where things are just completing up and down. Right now I am excited for all the new things life has to offer, but sad because of the things I know are slowly coming to an end. Yes I am being very cryptic on purpose!

Let’s focus on some things that make me very happy…like my continued dedication to working out, even when I don’t want to. I have been pretty focused on that for the last few months and it’s starting to pay off. You can check out my workouts page to see my progress. I have also been working on my 2012 Goals and have made good progress (speaking of which I need to go update a few of those items). I love my camera! I love dunkin donuts iced coffee! I love sun and summer! I love weekends filled with fun, good food, and friends!


What do you love? How do you deal with your mixed emotions?


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