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C is for Cookie

In this case Cookie Monster…did you see the “Call me Maybe” spoof by Sesame Street? Goodness it’s very funny! Take a look:

Other’s C stand for Crabs…yummy crabs! I had them on Saturday with a friend. It seems like the thing to do this weekend since a bunch of my twitter and FB friends had them too. I did take a quick break to snap a picture of a crab.

I had a bunch of other C’s in mind but of course since i sat down to write I can not remember them. I know one of them may be clothing and my love of some new clothes I bought recently.

C is for Charlie, my kitty cat. I believe he has made a blog appearance before, but if not here’s another pic.

One of my last C’s is for cooking! I made some yummy dishes for today, veal cutlet parm and spinach pasta bake. I of course didn’t eat either of them today because I had a late lunch, but had to at least taste them…quite yummy!

What would C stand for in your world?


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