Sorry to disappear!

Life has been insane recently! The good kind where you are super busy and really productive. I have traveled for work, been celebrating birthdays and goodbyes with friends. It’s been a world-wind I tell ya! Check me out on twitter ( to see everything I have been doing.


My latest 2 projects have been photo-a-day on instagram (lindyc13) and #30daysofhappiness which ends on Saturday. I am planning a recap post. I did notice a theme at first of working out and food…so I tried to look beyond my norm to celebrate the happiness.
Ok back to the busy life and your regularly scheduled programs!


Brothers of the Sun…Concert Review

A great day was had by all at FedEx Field watching Jake Owen, Grace Potter, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. Each act had impressive crowd interaction. For me that is like the number 1 thing a band can do during the show. I don’t like feeling as if I am watching a music video or listening to the CD. I want more! Thankfully all gave more, more and more! I was a little sad that Tim McGraw didn’t sing one of my favs, My Next Thirty Years, but he did sing, I like it I love it. I reminisced back to when I first heard that song, and was one of the songs that brought me into country music.
Here are a great few shots:

Jake Owen

Tim McGraw

Kenny Chesney (opening)

more Kenny Chesney

Oh and finally Jake Owen was sitting behind us during the beginning of Tim McGraw.

Mealtime Monday

So I made some fantastic food this weekend, but of course I only took pictures of one thing. I had some people over on Sunday and made buffalo chicken dip, bruschetta and then had some cheese and crackers to much on. I also made some cupcakes.

Here’s picture of the bruschette (recipe below):

ImageImage(bruschetta on crostini)

We had a great time drinking wine, eating, a laughing, and of course looking at cute Thirty One Gifts Products. I even managed to sell a bunch of stuff…if you are interested click the link to check it out.

Tonight I had some leftover chicken so I decided to make buffalo chicken pizza. It was AMAZING!!! Why have I not done this before? It was so good. Here’s a pic too:




  • 4 tomatoes (diced, clean out the seeds)
  • 2 TBS olive oil
  • 1/4 red onion (diced)
  • 12 pieces of basil
  • 1 clove garlic (diced)

Cut everything up, toss it all together and you are done. Yes it’s that easy. It does take some time because you are cutting everything. Especially the tomatoes because you had to make sure not to get the seeds in either.

Buffalo chicken pizza

  •  buffalo sauce (i used Frank’s Red Hot)
  • shredded chicken
  • cheese (i used a mix of Colby & cheddar)
  • pizza crust (i used a mini boboli)

I didn’t have a formal measuring method, so I just used whatever looked good. I first added the buffalo sauce to the pizza crust. Next added the cheese. I patted it all down and cooked for 11 minutes at 450 then 2 minutes on Hi Broil. It was so good!!

Any recipes you would like?

Clothing optional

Ok not really totally optional, but really I would love to be able to wear yoga pants every day all day. The idea of getting dressed every day for work is exhausting. And right now the thought of being confined by pants or jeans (on casual Fridays) is more than I can handle. I have been wearing dresses and skirts pretty much all summer…it’s been entirely too hot for any thing else. In fact I wish I could wear them all year round but the thought of tights or stockings in the colder weather is just as torturous!
So friends, how are you staying cool this summer?