love of the ocean

yet my ability to enjoy it is so sad! You are now asking yourself, what do you mean? I had the opportunity to be by the water twice in the last week. First my view was this:

And a little bit of this:

But do you think I could really just sit and enjoy? You would think yes…sadly the answer is no. I can sit still for all of about 5 minutes than I need something to entertain me. Luckily these 2 pictures allowed me to enjoy the view and a friend was with me so we chatted, I read, and played with my phone so I sat out enjoying the beauty for a while. So this one wasn’t a total bust.
Next up was my work trip to Pensacola, FL. I got the opportunity to head to the beach in the late afternoon as I finished up my work. So there I was in a bathing suit, with sunscreen, towel, and myself…and nothing else. I sat down to this amazing white sandy beach!

Can you believe how beautiful this is? Look at that emerald ocean and white sand…and the water was warm. So i sat for about 15 minutes before I couldn’t do it any more. Then I walked the beach for a while…finally I decided I couldn’t take the quiet any more and left. Yes you read that right…I left after about 30-45 minutes because I don’t know how to just enjoy the view, the quiet, and the beauty of the ocean alone. I am still trying to figure that out about life and how to just do nothing. Even when I am home I can’t be focused on just one thing. As I sit here and type I also have the TV on.

But of course I couldn’t let me inability to relax and enjoy ruin my evening so I headed to dinner at the Fish House in downtown Pensacola. I had a crab stuff mahi mahi for dinner and WOW it was awesome!

The view was pretty good too, although most of the dinner I had my back to it. It was still nice to still be bear the water.

Perhaps one of these days I will learn how to relax, enjoy and just be ok with the silence…if you have any suggestions I am open to them. So now I just have to be ok with short spurts to enjoy my love of the ocean!



overwhelming night

I don’t know about you but WOW what a night! I started off with 30 minutes of Curves, then headed to a different gym to do an hour Barre Fusion class (think ballet and Pilates, it was hard).Check out all of my latest workouts (hit 100 today) for the year.


Came home to crazy choices on TV do I watch the Orioles and Yankees game? OR do I watch the Democratic National Convention? Or do I watch the MTV VMAs?


So the baseball game looked like it was blow out…but as I said to someone tonight don’t count the Yanks out until the game is over…they came back to tie it in the 8th but in the end lost the game (so I watched a little bit).


My real attention the last 2 weeks has been the conventions. I watched the RNC last week and this week the DNC. Both were interesting, wish the DNC brought out Betty White (my personal fav) but sadly only the RNC had a really old person in Clint Eastwood. That was a speech I wish I didn’t spend the time watching because I would like that time back. But overall I feel like I saw a good snap shot of both parties. I believe the hardest thing is both sides are always so negative…let’s hear more about what you are going to do and the positives not so negative.

Now we wait 2 months until the election…stay tuned you may get another political updates. Although that’s doubtful because I am not typically a huge political person.