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love of the ocean

yet my ability to enjoy it is so sad! You are now asking yourself, what do you mean? I had the opportunity to be by the water twice in the last week. First my view was this:

And a little bit of this:

But do you think I could really just sit and enjoy? You would think yes…sadly the answer is no. I can sit still for all of about 5 minutes than I need something to entertain me. Luckily these 2 pictures allowed me to enjoy the view and a friend was with me so we chatted, I read, and played with my phone so I sat out enjoying the beauty for a while. So this one wasn’t a total bust.
Next up was my work trip to Pensacola, FL. I got the opportunity to head to the beach in the late afternoon as I finished up my work. So there I was in a bathing suit, with sunscreen, towel, and myself…and nothing else. I sat down to this amazing white sandy beach!

Can you believe how beautiful this is? Look at that emerald ocean and white sand…and the water was warm. So i sat for about 15 minutes before I couldn’t do it any more. Then I walked the beach for a while…finally I decided I couldn’t take the quiet any more and left. Yes you read that right…I left after about 30-45 minutes because I don’t know how to just enjoy the view, the quiet, and the beauty of the ocean alone. I am still trying to figure that out about life and how to just do nothing. Even when I am home I can’t be focused on just one thing. As I sit here and type I also have the TV on.

But of course I couldn’t let me inability to relax and enjoy ruin my evening so I headed to dinner at the Fish House in downtown Pensacola. I had a crab stuff mahi mahi for dinner and WOW it was awesome!

The view was pretty good too, although most of the dinner I had my back to it. It was still nice to still be bear the water.

Perhaps one of these days I will learn how to relax, enjoy and just be ok with the silence…if you have any suggestions I am open to them. So now I just have to be ok with short spurts to enjoy my love of the ocean!




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