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All you need is sunshine and water!

And of course preferably not at the same time because if water is falling from the sky you aren’t usually seeing any sunshine. I am sure you have started to ask yourself by now “What is she talking about?”. Well to be honest I was joking with someone today that I am solar powered…it’s been raining and cloudy a lot around these parts so I was VERY happy to see a little sunshine today. I even took a break at lunchtime so I could bask in the glory of the sun! I enjoyed a few minutes of fresh air and sun while I drove to pick up some lunch.

The other thing I realized today (once again, I need the reminder) you never regret going to to work out. I really did not want to head over to the gum for Zumba toning, but it was a great workout! Lot’s of fun, and great to sweat away the day. Of course lots of water was part of the workout so there’s another tie in to my needs of life.

What do you need to survive?


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