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Survived the storm but training was delayed.

I was supposed to begin my half marathon training on Monday but I am not dedicated enough to run in the rain and I don’t have a gym membership yet. I was fine with the storm. Lost power for s little while but overall survived pretty good. My building on the other hand not so much. We had a lot of water leaks from our roof (we even made our local paper) because some people had to leave their units. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. I know those that live in the affected units are not too happy but this was a storm of the century. Given the damage in NY and NJ we didn’t do too bad.

My family in fact was ok too (they live on Long Island). They don’t have power and my brother has to be out of his apt for a while but all in all everyone is physically ok. I saw some of the crazy photos from Long Beach NY and WOW it’s crazy. Another friend took some photos of her place and the hallway has sand, the road has 1-2 ft of sand, and her apt has a water line of probably 3 ft high. All of the devastation is just so sad.

So back to training. I am planning to cross off something on my bucket list in 2013….a half marathon. It’s scheduled for March. I may die in the process but my plan is just to finish. I did my first run today (when I say run there was way more walking than running)! I did 2 miles in about 30 minutes. So I did what I wanted to….and so the climb to 13.1 has begun.


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