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My endless search for shoes

As those who know me well know I can never find shoes I like and fit well. It doesn’t matter if the shoes are dressy, sneakers, casual, boots, even flip flops I always have a problem. My feet don’t love being in anything that has a heel very high, and my feet love to have blisters after walking for a little while. Today was no surprise. I headed to my local sneaker store because I know how fabulous they are, Feet First. I have bought the last 3 pairs of running/fitness sneakers there and knew I could go back for a great experience. Sadly today I walked out empty handed. I tried out 3 different brands: Brooks, New Balance, and Saucony. None of them fit just right, although I did the the walking thing and they even have a treadmill to walk/run on to test it out. I found some that fit OK but since I am training for a half marathon just OK isn’t enough. I really like Asics and I am waiting for the new one to come out, the Forte. I really LOVE my Asics Evolution 5, didn’t love the 6’s but have them…so they have remodeled again and the Forte is the new version. Look how cute they are!

Yes I know that’s not how you buy sneakers, but what girl doesn’t like the sneakers to be pretty and useful. My current ones are plain gray and I don’t really love them. So because Feet First is awesome they ordered me a pair to try and they should come in next week. Let’s hope these will carry me across the finish line!

Do you have problem buying sneakers that work for you? Any suggestions for finding that perfect fit?



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