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Motivation for Monday

Folks yesterday was HARD!!! I did 8 miles, alone. I don’t love running alone, I don’t love running when it’s cold, I really don’t love running on neighborhood streets and yesterday I did all of it. The original plan was to run Saturday with my friend (who is also doing the half marathon with me) but the weather in the DC area did not cooperate. It was cold, it was windy and it was brutal to be outside for 10 minutes let alone 2 hours (yes I am that slow)! So now running happened…instead I had to do it yesterday afternoon.

As usual mile 1 is always hard for me, and several times I thought about giving up and turning around. But somehow I just kept going. I continued to say my running mantra “Go at your Happy Pace” and if that’s walking sometimes up a hill that that’s ok. And yesterday there was a lot of walking, way more than usual. I wasn’t feeling great overall when I started, and knew 8 miles wasn’t going to be easy. I did remind myself to run down every hill at full speed to take advantage. I was doing ok for a long time. Then of course I hit the wall. It was 4PM, it started to get colder and windy. I had to use the bathroom, my lips were getting chapped, and my nose was running. Overall I felt miserable. I was smart enough not to run in a circle this time, as I usually do at the park. So I had no choice really but to finish the 8 miles because that’s what would get me back to home. Around mile 7 I kept saying you are almost done. When I finished mile 8 I was very happy for it to be over, but I was cold, and my muscles were not happy with me.


I spent the rest of the evening in “recovery mode”. I drank some Gatorade, ate protein, and of course complained to anyone that would listen. Then I dusted myself off, thought about the enormity of 8 miles and knew just 6 weeks ago that 8 miles would have seemed impossible, but now it was done. Yes it took me just over 2 hours, yes it hurt, yes I have to go 5 more on race day. But you know what I DID IT!! and I will keep training because there is one thing I will not do, I will not quit!




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