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Motivation Monday

The week is starting off a bit slow. I somehow managed to turn off my alarm instead of hitting snooze, so I woke up late. The small saving grace is the rest of the world has off for President’s Day so my commute in to work was fairly simple because YAY no traffic. Somehow this weekend I couldn’t manage to get back on track with making healthier choices. I opted a lot of times for convenience, which we all know is so often not the healthy option. So today I am starting again, I think it’s pretty safe to say that when you struggle with making healthy choices each meal is a decision point. You need to decide how you want to feel after you eat…I think that’s what I need to remember and focus on. When I make a healthy choice I feel happy and content with my meal. When I make an unhealthy choice a lot of times I feel sick (because I overate) or sluggish (because the food wasn’t really fuel) or just annoyed (because I allowed myself to eat something I knew wasn’t healthy). I try to balance it all out with the exercise and this weekend someone made a good point. I will always need to exercise. And yes I know that’s true, and I am glad I have found ways to really enjoy it. Even if at times it’s hard to schedule it, I am making time for it. I have a few very supportive people in my life that have really made it easier and I am thankful for my cheering squad.  So I leave you with today’s motivational quote:




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