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monday motivation

It’s Monday so we all need some motivation to get through the day. I had a bad feeling that after going 10 miles yesterday I would wake up in an extreme amount of pain. I even told myself that I would not be training today. Well people I am here to tell you a little motivation goes a long way! Yes I was in pain yesterday, and I was actually light headed, a good friend reminded me I need to eat or energize during a long run like that. I managed to recover well…I ate, showered and napped. I felt better as the night went on then, went to bed with my favorite friend Advil!

I woke up feeling pretty good but wasn’t sure if I was going to train. I packed my stuff just in case the mood struck me…as 5PM came I was like hey why not. Let’s give it a shot and see how you feel. If it doesn’t happen you can do just 1 mile or even 2, that’s better than nothing. I instead finished all 3 as the training plan called for and somehow I was ok time was too. I gave the quote below a lot of thought because getting off the couch, chair, whatever really is the first step. And all I continue to tell myself is not matter how long it takes, just finish!


What have you started lately that you knew you HAD to finish!



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