It’s OK Thursday, week 4

It’s been a crazy week for me! Nothing has gone quite according to plan . . . yes you read that right NOTHING!! I am trying to remind myself that I deal well with change and life happens when we are busy making plans. But folks you know me, you know I plan, you know I like plans, and when things don’t go according to them it makes m a bit frustrated. But the weekend is fast approaching, I am working from home tomorrow (so I can sleep a little later) and today is It’s OK Thursday! Visit Brunch with Amber to join the link up.


It’s OK . . .

  • that even though I didn’t work out all week I am going home tonight and not to the gym, just not feeling well!
  • to really be excited to work from home tomorrow, and secretly happy that I have no evening plans.
  • to wish that sometimes life would go according to plan when you need it the most.
  • but also be happy for unexpected plans that happen to form at the last minute.
  • to be slightly annoyed because figuring out what to eat is never easy!

What’s OK with you on this dreary Thursday?


Wednesday Wishes, #3

Yay for Wednesday wishes! Mainly because that means its Wednesday and the week is half over. This week has been a bit crazy with snow at the end of March and travel delays.

Wednesday Wishes

But without further adieu: My Wednesday Wish is . . .

  • I hear about some of the exciting things that so far have been put on hold.
  • That the warm weather is here to stay, it’s spring people.
  • That I can finally use my new toy, the polar heart rate monitor.
  • That my clean eating plans will kick back in to gear, haven’t been so good lately.
  • That today’s travel has no delays in store.
  • That I have a chance to pet a puppy soon.
  • That I figure out soon what to do with my cats since my travel schedule is about to get hectic and I am not home with them very often.

What’s your Wednesday Wishes?

Motivation Monday

Despite the number on the calendar Mother Nature decided to throw us a snow ball . . . Literally.


But I am headed to warmer climate, although only by about 15 degrees but that really makes a difference!! I am being proactive and brought my workout gear and a few workouts I can do in my hotel room.

So although I have no motivating quote today I am reminding everyone that its time to GET MOVING! No Excuses 🙂

Reward Weekend

People it’s finally here! I have a whole weekend of no training runs and rewards. A few months back I talked about rewards along the way, well that never really happened so this weekend I am treating myself. I have  a little extra money because of my tax refund and I have decided to take advantage and do a few things.

First off I bought my new toy! It’s a Polar Heart Rate Monitor . . . and yes it’s pink . . . and yes I am not usually a pick girl but this just caught my eye. I only got it today so I am excited to use it next week!


Tomorrow I am also going to get my hair cut! It hasn’t been touched since November so it’s definitely in need of some TLC. I am also spending time with one of my besties . . . so I am sure shopping or girlie stuff is sure to happen! I am hoping she wants to go for manicures, but if not I may save that till Sunday.

What have you done to reward yourself lately?

It’s OK Thursday, week #3

I have fallen in love with link-ups! I think it’s a great way to start conversation and  “meet” new bloggers. A special shout out to all my new followers in the last 2 weeks. Welcome! Glad you are here and let me know if you are looking for anything in particular.

I have started doing It’s OK Thursday and linking to Brunch with Amber. So here’s this installment.


It’s OK . . .

. . . to only like some people some of the time and decide one day that someone just isn’t a person you really respect. . . . to love my hair straight but HATE straightening it and one reason to go see the hairdresser is so she makes is straight.
. . . to have no motivation at the gym when you are alone and have no specific goal you are working towards.
. . . to be crazy enough to think about getting your next race on the calendar because you want that goal!
. . . to be holding something “hostage” because you just are not quite ready yet . . . but will be soon (I think).
. . . to want to splurge some of your tax refund on a heart rate monitor even though you need to be saving for a few things.
. . . to love link ups!
. . . to realize sometimes you can’t have it all, but you are still going to try.
. . . to know that although life is REALLY good right now there are some amazing things to look forward to and embrace.
. . . to realize that my dreams are worth it even if so many feel I have already accomplished/done so much!