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It’s ok Thursday, week #2

I feel like I really need to do this today…although some may be cryptic (I don’t like calling people out online). Of course I am linking back to Brunch with Amber


It’s OK….

  • That I hate that rain is in the forecast for Saturday for my half-marathon
  • That I really just want to get a meeting over with
  • To wait over a year to back up your computer…but I am finally doing it
  • To want to buy new pants but never be able to find anything that you actually like (so you keep wearing ones that are too big…oops)
  • To really need a vacation (did I do this last week) and dream of places I would go if I had money
  • To not understand why some people can’t leave you OUT OF THEIR DRAMA!!
  • To be VERY UNHAPPY that google reader is going away
  • To have no idea how this weekend is going to go but hoping for the best
  • That I was excited to get my laundry done tonight

What’s OK with you? Even if it’s not Thursday please share with me “what’s ok with you”


3 thoughts on “It’s ok Thursday, week #2

  1. Hi!! Stopping by from the link-up. My name is Rebecca.

    How did your half marathon go?? I’ve never done a race before, but the more I read about the Couch to 5K programs, the more interested I’ve become.

    Clean laundry is always nice… especially when it’s fresh from the dryer. 😀

    Stop by my blog if you can… roosterdreamer.wordpress.com!

      • Hello, again! Thanks for following my blog! I hope I returned the favor. I’m still learning WordPress and how they do things (I used to be on Blogger), and it’s hard to tell when you follow a blog on here. But I like WordPress a lot so far!

        Glad your half marathon went well! Maybe I should try the couch to 5K program as we get into spring! I heard that everyone who’s tried it thinks it’s wonderful training.

        Yeah, I do mostly walking… followed by a power walk… followed by a quick sprint.. followed by another walk… followed by a small run, all in the same workout. 😛

        Have a good Sunday evening!


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